This is Me

My Talents

One of my talents is to draw but I am pretty good at drawing pictures i think. I think i am very good at sketching. I will have to practise sketching so i get really good. My other talent is that i like to bake. I only bake with my mom. Most of the time we bake cakes because my mom picks what we are go to bake each time.

My Loves and Passions

I love to ride my bike but when I go on a bike ride, I have to use my brothers bike but when my brother comes on a bike with us then I  have to go on my small bike. My passion is to visit a beach and it is my passion because I will get to swim and I love swimming. I like to go to the beach because i get to play with the sand.

My Aspirations

i would like to be a Teacher  or a shop keeper. I want to be a shop keeper because I am pretty good at Maths and to be a shop keeper you need to be good with numbers so you can count the money from the till. I want to be a Teacher because I enjoy teaching but you need to know a lot of things! As i enjoy art, I could be an art teacher.

Captain Tom Moore

So Captain Tom Moore is a soldier who is 99 years old. He is a British  soldier. Captain Tom Moore challenged himself to walk 100 laps around  his 25m  garden. He challenged himself to walk 100 laps because he turned 100 years old so he walked  100  laps in his garden.Tom Moore raised more  than £17 million pounds.