Talent – is a person with a unique ability to do something impressive. I’m only 9 years old today, but I think I’m different from others. Ever since I was 4 years old I was able to sing and dance. That’s why my parents sent me to “Stagecoach” school. The fact that I like good music. My favourite singers-rappers is Eminem, Will I Am. I like their songs and they are very famous and talented. I know that my first attempt to rap are similar to Eminem and Will I am. I am not listening to other singers, because I don’t like it. In our family, unfortunately, no one creates music. Only my dad sings nicely. Fortunately, nature has rewarded me with this talent. I’m tenacious, aiming for purpose. At the theatre school a year ago, the teacher noticed that I was able to rap and encouraged me to do this. Since then I have started to rap interested me even more. I want to live with the music and I would like that people appreciate it. I think my talent can be seen on a TV show, school or teacher. My next talent is dancing because I love music, and dancing is an integral part of music.
I don’t like to achieve my goals in a fast way, and I never give up if success is not on my side . Actually I don’t believe in success, I believe in hard work! In my class I saw this phrase: “If you reach for the moon and you miss, you will land among the stars”. This phrase inspires me to do hard work. So I think if you have a goal, you will reach it 100%, if you didn’t reach – that means that you gave up too early. Everything is possible!

My Loves and Passions
I am fascinated by many different things in life: family, school, friends, sports, travel, food, and more. But at the moment, I enjoy traveling the most.
I really like to travel around England, visit other countries of the world, get acquainted with the culture, people, architecture, religion. I think I like to travel as other people, because travel is getting a new acquaintance with the world. Travels and knowledge about other world famous places makes me feel very happy. I have been to Canary Islands, Spain, Greece, France, Lithuania and have travelled extensively around the United Kingdom. All the trips gave me a lot of interesting facts. Getting to know the world – very interesting and valuable.
My other passion is cooking. I think if I could never cook food, it would be very sad. Cooking is a real pleasure. You can experiment, discover, and then make friends. I like to cook food because I like delicious healthy food. On the go, I try to taste the dishes of another country, and when I get home I’m looking for recipes for those dishes online and trying to cook myself. My family is happy to taste the dishes I made.
The third thing I really like is scuba diving under water. While diving, I watch the bottom of the sea or lake, i choose pebbles, touch fish. It is very interesting, develops endurance, teaches to breathe underwater. Diving is my passion. Most people go on holiday by the sea, lake or river. Everyone loves swimming, jumping on the waves, swimming and diving. Diving makes me feel very happy. If I couldn’t dive on vacation, my vacation wouldn’t be interesting.
For all the pleasures what I can experience, I am most grateful to my family: mother and father. They’re my greatest love. They work hard, take care of me and my brother, buy trips, give delicious and healthy food, let me play sports, attend theatre school. I’m grateful to them for everything I have, and I’m very happy. And for my education and knowledge, I’m grateful to my teachers. They help me learn how to count, write, draw and everything else.

My Aspirations (Goals, Hopes and Dreams)
When I was still very small, I dreamed of having a lot of toys. I dreamed of a beautiful fairy house where my toy bears would live. Time is running out and my dreams are changing. Now I’m a fourth grade student. When I’m sad, I’m dreaming. On the paths of dreams I run somewhere far from home, into my future. I often think about what I want from life. First of all, I would like to successfully finish my studies, choose a specialty i like, and a little later to create a family, to live a happy life with a loved one.
Now I’m in primary school and I want to finish it successfully. This year I have to learn very well the multiplication tables, be good and learn more in mathematics. I have to read a lot of books at school, then I’ll find out everything and be smart. Still, of course, I have to play sports, because my dream of being an astronaut will only come true if I am healthy and strong.
Like every person I have many dreams. I think after 5 years of studying in high school, I want to get to know physics more. After 10 years, I would like to study at the military academy, I would like to become a war pilot, fly military planes. If I manage to finish the military academy, I dream of becoming an astronaut. I will try to take care of my health and get into the astronaut tests. If I fly warplanes, I’m going to take care of United Kingdom’s security. I don’t want wars. I want all people to be happy.
Of course, after 15 years or more I dream about my home, my family, such as ours, friendly and cheerful, where everyone helps each other. My parents would be grandparents and we would all travel around the world together, live an interesting life, and we would overcome all the difficulties together. I would like to learn how to drive a car, I would like to buy a good car. If I make a lot of money, maybe I’ll buy a small house in Spain or Greece. That’s where my family would go on vacation.
Most often, the future of each person depends on his own. As a child, we dream of growing up, what we will look like, how many children we have. We are creating other plans as we are a little more advanced: we want to know everything, we want to have a good education and get a good job. I also think very often about my future: I want to finish school well, then go to university, work my favorite job. But most of all, I want to go around the world. I would like my work to be about travel. In doing this kind of work, I could visit many countries around the world, get to know them more closely. I am very fascinated by the various corners of the earth, because they are all so different, distinctive, interesting. Each country is full of all kinds of beauty. While traveling the world, a person meets the culture, people, traditions of various countries. Each trip – these are new impressions, new acquaintances, memories. When you travel, you can explore way of life, nature and other things. I think in every trip people are improving, learning more and more new things. I would be very happy if I could go around the world. I’d like to experience new experiences. I can’t do that for now, because my main goal is my school education. I think a person would achieve nothing without education. But I often watch shows on TV about trips and travelers. I admire people who travel a lot. I think they’re brave, full of energy and persevering. Therefore, I will definitely try to make this dream a reality. My mother often says person who is dreaming is happy and I need to try this a little bit and I will be happy. I am trying to do my best, so I don’t stop dreaming.
I really want my dreams to come true.

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