River Report



How a river is formed?

A river is formed when rain and snow fall slowly down onto a mountain, because of gravity. Another source of rivers are naturally forming springs. A spring is water that comes from out of the ground. Glaciers also form rivers when they melt. Water interestingly always flows down because of gravity. When a river flows peacefully down a mountain it may hit rocks. Snow, rain, glaciers and springs. These are all possible sources.

Oceans and Seas

Oceans amazingly cover 70% of the world’s surface. The water in the ocean is very salty and unsafe to drink. There are 5 oceans on the planet; the Arctic, pacific, Indian, Atlantic and the Antarctic. Out of all of the five oceans, the Pacific is the biggest covering 30% of the surface of the Earth. A sea is interestingly part of an ocean.

Water Facts

Rivers are actually a strip of water. A river starts at a source and ends at the mouth.

The dead sea isn’t even a sea although it does have salt in the water. In fact, it is so salty no fish can survive. Also you can’t sink.

The River Nile is the longest river and it covers 7 countries! One of them is Egypt.

Actually a lake is water surrounded by land. Lakes will dry out if the water source stops.


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