Reflection on my Term


This report is all about my first term in Year 4 at HPS.

Last term my favorite topic was the Vikings because I really enjoyed being a Viking in our assembly. One fact I didn’t know was that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets. This was made up! I also learnt that the the word ‘Viking’ means ‘pirate’.

One piece of work I am really proud of is my art work from the Autumn term, I really enjoyed the work we did when we did our colour wheels and mixed paint together. I think I have settled very well in year 4.


My Assertive Mentoring target is to get more recorded work in the time given and I also need to remember to bring the correct PE kit. I think on reflection that I have brought my PE kit more but I need to get more work done in the time given. still

I think I have settled into year 4 great because I know where everything is and I like where the teachers have put everything.


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