reflection of my term


This report is all about my first term in Year 4 at HPS.

Last term my favourite topic was the Vikings because at first I didn’t know a lot about the Vikings but now I do and I got to be a Viking in our assembly. This was so much fun!!!

Did you know Vikings didn’t wear helmets with horns in them? This was all just a made up myth. My second fact is that the word ‘Viking’ means ‘pirate’.

I have tried really hard in my learning in Year 4. The piece of work I am most proud of is my colour wheel I did in art because I think I mixed the colours well and painted it carefully. I think I have settled very well into year 4.


My Assertive Mentoring target is to check my spellings before I hand my work in. I think I haven’t achieved my AM target because I keep forgetting to do it. I have been practicing how to use a dictionary so i can check the spelling of tricky or unfamiliar words. I think I have settled well into year 4 because I like the challenging work even if I can’t do it.

My spring term Assertive mentoring target is not forgetting to check my spellings before I hand my work in. I really want to make sure I achieve this target, this year!



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