Descriptive setting

Wind in the Willows

I has been digging and digging for 2 days already. I kept on digging and digging but it seemed like the was no end, so kept on digging until something I saw something yellow, shiny… it was the sun but it was a little bit of the sun so I quickly dug so I could get out of this mud. After few minutes of digging, I fell again into the mud so I dug again and again after a hour I found a huge pile of mud so I went into the mud and dug.

Finally I came out of the mud and I started running since , I was very scared I ran and ran until I got lost so I went forward then I stopped because I saw a crystal, blue  river. It was amazing. Far away I spotted a boat I ran to it and got it so I can drive it around the blue crystal river.

Far away I can see a glistening orange , vanilla house I wanted to see what it is but I was too frightened to see what it was so I went a little bit backwards after one step back there was a loud boom it wasn’t next to me but it was somewhere close by.

I quickly went into the orange vanilla house I was out of control. There was no one home. One hour later, the owner came she didn’t spot me because I hid in a closet that was not used. I tried escaping…


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