Science Club

At science club, we investigated whether different types of pineapple would change the jelly. The tinned pineapple did set but the fresh pineapple didn’t set. This is because the tinned pineapple has been a little bit heated, which kills the enzymes.

Swimming 🏊🏽‍♀️🎤

I began to swim when I was in year 3 and I am a girl🏊🏽‍♀️

My favourite thing to do at swimming is growing under the water🏊🏽‍♀️🤽🏽‍♀️

I wish that I go to swimming everyday because I love ❤️ to swim

I like to be under the water to get the sinkers

I am brave to go underwater with my friends

my swimming costume for swimming has flowers🙀🤳🏽



Class 10

Welcome to our blog👩🏽

Our class is the best in the world



Class 10

Welcome  to  the  best  blog  in  Huntingdon  Primary School. Class 10 is the best!





My class

my class is the best 😋😄🤣🙃😛🙃🤣🥰🙂😃🥰🤣😛🤣😛🤨😚😄🆕💯🆕🆕👩‍👦‍👦🆕😃🥰🥰🙂😋🤨🤨🥰🤪🥰🤨🙂😋😛😟

My life

I am living a great life last Sunday was my birthday I had so much fun and my favourite present was a games table and a punching bag at 12 aclook I had my best friend come round my house me and my friend whent to bounce after bounce me and my friend played at my house for 2 hours that’s whatI did for my birthday I loved my birthday 🎁

Games and house

I have minecraft  I have a guitar🤑⛓🔫💀😈⚡️🙏

Geologist Miss Duffin

Dear Miss Duffin,

I loved your letter but how much rocks do you have? I started collecting rocks at 5 years old.

Thanks for writing back to me.

From Freddie


Blood  enters the hart though  the body and a large amount of blood is going around    The body.  Why? The  heart  pumps the body To keep Us Alive.

I’m a cat

I was born as a cat and I’m cute. I say moew and perr and I am black and white. I’im hungry and I ate cat food and  I drink milk


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