how school is going so far

School is going great so far from year 1 to year 3. It’s been the funnest years of my life . There’s been a few issues and that’s it .

Art is fun.

Art 🖼

Yesterday I and my whole class made pictures from littel pieces of paper (mosaic) some of us made a sun ☀️ set and some of us made a moon 🌑 set I did ✅ a moon 🌑 it was amazing 😉 😁🐣🐶🦊🐼💐🌞🌛🌈🎉🎊🎀


we made a list of all the ways we pushed or pulled the objects. Forces are pushes or pulls


Today we are learning about forces. Forces are when you pull,push and twist. If you twist it will come loose and will stop twisting. At home when you are putting the bins out you are forcing it to move by pulling it.


Force is pulling and pushing or Twisting 🦄🏫


With forces you can throw it push it pull it squash it and other stuff.It involves gravity and space and the force is always with you .

How can objects be moved ?

I found out that if you push something you can also pull things. I played around with some objects to see what they do, I found that I could push a small toy car with my hand but I pulled it back with a piece of sting.

Fingerprints and Ears

At stay and learn today we were researched fingerprints and seeing why ears are the new finger print. Each persons fingerprints are unique not even identical twins, who share the same dna,have the same fingerprints. This also shows that fingerprints are not completely controlled by genetics. The fingerprints tend to grow back over time. Ears better then fingerprints new study’s the outer ear could be better unique identification mark in human beings then fingerprints. When your born your ears are fully formed.

By Saoirse,Esmè and Scarlett

Humanist beliefs

  • they say you can be good or happy without god
  • they think it impossible to know if god exists
  • they celebrate human achievements


we discovered that shadow  and light is a darker light  is a shadow  and it is a darker colour

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