Author: 15zamzama

E-Safety Day

  • Don’t upload pictures of yourself in school uniform.
  • Never meet with a person you have met online.
  • Always tell an adult if you are uncomfortable.

I want to be a pet

I want to be a pet because I can get all the love l can get from my owners. I want to be a pet because I can get all the food l want.If I want to be a pet will my owners want to sell me? Would I have any cousins? Will they care if I make a mess?I hope to be the most amazing pet ever?

I want to be a porson who looks after tho world

I can be someone who looks after the world by making sure there is no litter anywhere in the world.I want to be this person so the world can live with a new life.

All about me

This is my first post and I hope you enjoy it. My favorite subject to do is maths.I don’t like English because it takes more longer than  maths. My favorite  thing to do is doing my times tabels at school. My friends at school  are Esme and Naylah.The school I go I go to is a  really great school to go to.I like my school because lots of children  go there and theres lots of people to play with. I have 5 people  in my house and 4 of them look  after  me.