Author: 15hopel

E-Safety tips

  1. Always ask for permission to go online
  2. Don’t talk to strangers
  3. Don’t share your passwords with anyone
  4. Don’t give personal details
  5. Don’t take any pictures in your school uniform

LC:To understand the importance of sun safety.

It is really important that you protect your eyes against the sun because the sun emits UV rays which can damage your eyes and skin .My sun hat can protect your eyes from the sun by blocking out the worst rays and providing shade for your eyes and face.

My letter

When I wrote to a geologist called Mrs Nicole Duffin.

They wrote back.I asked a lot of questions about rocks.

Her favourite sedimentary rock was sandstone and her favourite metamorphic rock is lewisian gneiss, which is stripey.

Types of skeleton

Endoskeleton means the skeleton is on the inside eg. humans.

Exoskeleton means the skeleton is  on the outside eg. lobsters.

Hydrostatic skeleton means the animal has no bones.

I want to be a geologist

What is the most famous rock?

What is the biggest diamond💎?

How much do you get paid 💵?