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Mirrors – if you put the mirror in a particular place it will do something different every time. well only once but if you put it in different places. Every time you put it in different places. It will do something different.


Blood  enters the hart though  the body and a large amount of blood is going around    The body.  Why? The  heart  pumps the body To keep Us Alive.

Endoskeleton means the skeletoon is on the inside. Exoskeleton  means  the skeleton is on the outside .   Hydrostatic is another type of skeleton. Vertebrates have endoskeletons,


WHEN  I did Some  research about  marine biologists, I was really   Fasanaited and I wrote a  letter  to Miss Gaby Thomas  and I asked her some questons. They  were  have you ever seen  the Titanic? A  couple  of weeks later she sent a letter and that said  about my questons and she said  other  information  and   It  was really cool.

I want to be a marine biologist

Marine biologist is someone who studies about the sea and sea creechers they are studing the barrier reef to solve how to help it survive to ceep the Ocean and keeping the baby see creechers alive 👶🏻🐟🐬🐳🐠🐋