A book review about Matilda by Tegan

Author:Roald Dahl.

The book is about a girl that has magic in her eyes. Also her teacher is very very bad to the children and this girl scares the teacher and the children will be very happy.

The age is 12 and 7 8 9 any age but little children are not allowed because it is to hard to read for babies when they are 12 7 8 or 9 they can read this book but if they are a girl.

This book is amazing and it is a good book to read on word book Day or after school or  weekends any time to read

And this book is for girls.

Little Red Cap and the wolf

One day there was a little girl who was called little red cap. I liked when little red cap looked at the flowers because the wolf encourages little red cap to look at the flowers.
I disliked it when the wolf eats Grandma because the wolf is mean and also dirty.


Little red cap review.by Nikola.

The characters are little red cap the big bad wolf the grandmother and the mother. The wolf eats grandmother  and ate little red cap and the woodcutter saved them by cutting the wolf’s tummy and then they got out of the wolf  tummy. I liked when the mum said to keep on the path but she lied to her.


Little red cap Review

There was a little girl  called little  red cap, grandma,the bad wolf and wood cutter.

Little red cap went to the forest to her and grandma was sick and weak.

Little red cap lives in a house,grandma lives in a house but the bad wolf lives in the dark forest.

Little red cap look like she has an red dress,the bad wolf looks like that he has big green eyes and very bad feeling ,grandma look like very old and angry because the big bad wolf.

It is  by Milana,Erica and Tegan.