My Prathmic exam

At Saturday, I need to write an exam which is called Prathmic. The exam is all about one language which is Hindi. I need to write the exam  at 5:00 in the morning and there are 100 questions to answer. The exam was on 26th February 2022. In the morning, I was roaming around thinking about the exam. I finally wrote the examination and it was like a big rock has been taken  of my head. The exam result will come in 1 month. It as a big relief.

What I do on Saturday?

What do I do on Saturday?

Usually on Saturday I sometimes wake up at 8:00 in the morning. After that, I brush my teeth and I take a bath. Next I eat my breakfast. At 10:00 I pack my tennis racket and go to the tennis club. I play tennis for 1 hour. While I am playing tennis, My dad and my mum will go shopping. When I finish Tennis I come home and eat my lunch. Then at 3:00 I attend my Hindi class. After finishing the Hindi class, I play with my dad. I play Nintendo Wii with my dad. Then I study maths for at least 2 hours. Then it will be dinner time. After dinner, I watch Tv for half an hour. Then I read a book for half an hour. After reading a book, I sleep.

Sports and games


I love to swim and go in races. I dreamt like I was in 1st place in swimming and I won a huge trophy. I use all my resilience and courage while I swim.


I gymnastics I can move in different gestures/positions with my partner. I also like gymnastics.

Playing games with my friends

I play lots and lots of games. I always play a dinosaur game with my friends. My best friends are Oskar, Vanessa, Keira, Rose, Cara, David, Hollie and
Jaden. They also play the dinosaur game with me.