What I did at the weekend

What I did at the weekend was that I went a farm and saw lots of animals and one of the animals were a pig that looked a lot like my grandmas and  grandads dog Ron who plays like a pig and looked like one. I went with my sister and my mom and dad and we had so much fun we saw a group of fluffy alpacas and one of the alpacas were looking at me and my dad. Once we had looked at all of the animals we when round the back of the farm we saw more animals and there were donkeys,horeses and goats. There was a big bunny rabbit that went under a tree that was fallen down and played on it all the time with the other bunny’s that were there. When we were there by the bunny’s there were tow golden coloured goats there that were very friendly that liked to be scratched on there head. When it was lunch time we all had a samwige that was delicious.

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