Video Games Part 1

I play like a lot of video games. Also I’m really really good at them. Since we have a Nintendo Switch and an online membership we have access to really old games and I’ve played the lot. I’ve completely finished about 14 games ish so yeah.

I’ve played games from every one of these and some played the actual consoles!

I don’t really play Xbox a lot because I don’t want to. The game I would recommend highly for Switch is The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild or botw. It’s an open world action adventure game which has a sequel coming out soon (hopefully since the first one was delayed for 4 years) A common release date is October 2022 so about 5 months. Which is great but I won’t have high hopes for a while. A game I playing now is Five Nights At Freddy’s FNAF, it is a horror game so I don’t play it a lot. But total on it I’ve played 1 hour. Some of the games are free so those are the one’s I’m playing but it’s really hard so um I stop sometimes (rage quit).I play a couple games that are over my age rating but to be fair they are completely fine or so says my parents. I don’t play games with realistic shooting or stuff like that. But I have a PC but my brother uses it all the time for his homework so I wait for my dad to finish up at 5 sometimes 5 thirty but it gives me an hour. I have gotten FNAF 2 pretty much free since there’s a really well made Roblox one that I play.

I have like £50 pocket money so I do have enough to buy any game I want so woo-hoo. If I don’t I can just save up since most the games I’m aiming for are either £49.99 or £4.99. There’s a really really good Kirby game coming out called Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I played the demo and it’s Incredible! This is the end of part one so I will be back!

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