My time At Swimming

My time at swimming wasn’t my favorite “sport” as you would call it. I don’t enjoy swimming as much as something like cricket or archery. Basically I like sports on land more than water. From my perspective knowing that I’m going to be doing this in year 5&6 for a half term isn’t fun.

The reason(s) I don’t like swimming.

The reason I don’t like swimming is putting my face under I just don’t like it, it feels weird and luckily for me I don’t have to. The second reason I do not like swimming is the instructors. When I went to Godmanchester swimming pool (aka First Strokes) I just hated it, when I saw my brother Jacob swimming I was anticipated and asked to join the first class I enjoyed the second it was ok third I didn’t enjoy it. One night I was getting out the pool and I hated swimming so much that I left the club. The following week maybe probably most likely.

To summarise I didn’t enjoy it.

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