About my old school

My old school was called Hillyfield primary school and it was in London.  I really enjoyed it when I was in year 3 and it was amazing.  We had a name pyjama day so we were getting changed into a pyjama top and bringing in a teddy bear before lunch  so we can eat  our lunch with them. But after we didn’t write, we were colouring  in pyjamas with our own designs or we were doing to find the word fond it colour it or others I don’t remember all of them later or earlier.  I don’t remember when we were going in the library to  find a book and read it.  Of course we had our teddy bears with us and we read with them. This was all about pyjama  day! One of the songs I remember is hot cross buns. It was like this hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny, hot cross buns.  This was the song. Our maths,English, hand writing all our books had lines except our art books as art books don’t  have lines and we didn’t had groups like grp A, B and C like in the morning.  We are all of us in one big group. We all were in our own  classroom like in the afternoon. We didn’t have afternoon on Friday we had to do activities out side. Our teachers weren’t there.  We were getting changed  in the morning because we were starting in the morning.   We’re doing jumping in hoops, rock paper scissors to win one point.  We were doing dodgeball and more but I don’t remember all of them on Wednesday pe .This was all thank you.

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