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The perspective towards crime and punishments has changed over time. Methods of punishments that were legal in the past are now illegal and unacceptable due to the crowd getting too exited and the people on death row getting humiliated in public. I will be writing about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Tudors, Victorians and world war 2.


In this time of premature law criminals were killed for theft and murder a small time after that you would still get killed for murder but you would have gotten a fine for theft. Theft and murder were the most common crime due to poverty and possibly REVENGE. For some reason people were caught by the locals that is why I said premature law.


In the Tudor times most of the crimes were dealt with by execution such as  beheading. The most common crime was theft because of poverty ( which means you are poor ) and the penalty for this was flogging AKA being whipped.


The most serious crimes would have been death by hanging usually in public until this method got less pleasing over time. The most common crime was theft and the punishment was usually transportation. Some people would teach an army of children to pickpocket so they can survive.

World War 2

World War 2, a time of hatred, death, more death and war were traumatic years that made the whole world to dislike each country some even made nukes for example the tsar bomba, the colossal and most chunky nuclear bomb ever made. If you were caught selling on the black market it could have led to a fine although you could have been sent to prison. The number of murderers increased dramatically  and those who were found guilty got sentenced to death ,which is quite sad and very very traumatic.


You have begun to describe crime and punishment in different eras. Which time do you think was most fair and why?

Mysterious Mountains

How are mountains formed ?

Mountains are formed when a part of the Earth’s crust is pushed (compelled) up in big Minecraft blocks or colossal folds. Ploddingly over the course of millions of years, mountains are forged and carved into a masterpiece. However not all mountains are the same. There are many different types of mountains there are fold, block, VOLCANIC and dome mountains.

A photo of Mount Everest

Block mountains 

Block mountains look like cliffs they are mostly parallel and odd looking. They are formed when 2 tectonic plates depart from each other causing leviathan cracks in the bedrock ,which is the bottom part o& the crust or the 3rd part of the crust. When parallel cracks occur, the block of land between the 2 cracks may rise upwards but not all the time so it is quite rare for this mountain to occur.

A photo of a block mountain

Volcanic mountains

Volcanic mountains look like volcanoes because they are volcanoes.  They spew out burning lava and dark ash sometimes dyeing clouds black. They are formed similar to dome mountains but they pop spewing out lava everywhere and destroying all the land surrounding it. They eventually layer with every eruption and that is how a Volcano is formed.

A photo of Mount Vesuvius

Dome mountains

Dome mountains are mountains that are formed similarly to volcanoes but the top does not pop and instead creates a large hill. When climbing dome mountains it is quite scary because you know that there is a pool of magma under the mountain and it can pop at any second which is why I call them dangerous. They also can be quite simple to climb because they are just hill that is over 600 m tall.

A picture of a dome mountain

A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.