How to defeat your SATs.

SATs are approaching quickly and children are feeling the pressure of the week ahead. Here is some great advice to help you cope and stay calm.


You will need to revise maths, English, reading and SPaG. This will help you to feel more confident when you are doing, SATs. You don’t need to go over something a lot because you might feel confident, already and you could try something else** and that will help.

Getting a good night sleep

You need to get lots of sleep before your SATs. You will need to get at least 10 or 9 hours of sleep, if you get like 5 hours of sleep you will be moody and tired and you could fall asleep in class. And you will not know what you are doing and you might not finish.

Eating healthy

You will need a good meal in the  morning because if you have a little meal you will be hungry in class. You will need at least cereal or a banana they are good not chocolate or really sugary stuff so it is important to have a good meal.


If you want to go get some exercise you can go out with your friends or you could go to the park or play football or do a sport that you like or do something that you like or run and do some stretching. Why does exercise help?


Don’t stay up all night before you do your SATs or do not stay up all night doing home work or playing games till mid night then you will be moody in the morning and grumpy and will not be in a good mood.



You have listed some good ideas.  Check for missing punctuation and explanations as to WHY a person should do these things. 

How are mountains formed

Mountains are formed when a layer of Earth crust is pushed (forced) up in big folds of blocks. Slowly over the course of millions of year’s mountains are not all the same, there however many types of mountains, which are fold block, dome and volcanic mountains are jigged because they are constantly eroded by the weather. The weather wears the rocky surface away.

Block mountains

When a slab of land breaks of and is forced up a block mountains is formed this is because the tectonic plates pull apart or push together.

Tectonic are large large parts of the earth,  crust they are slowly moving .

Dome mountains

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