How to get ready for your SATs

Preparation is Key

We need to prepare because the SATs are coming in 3 weeks so preparing can support the chance of getting a good grade. The only way of preparing is to study (at home and school.)
You want to get good grades, so you don’t get in a bad class. That is why you should study at home and school.


If you’re stressed while your working, just feel like you’re in your safe space so you don’t feel stressed (being stressed can also make you feel not confident on the other questions so you don’t do them).

After a question, it will be a good thing to take some deep breaths for a moment so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


If you want to survive, you’re going to need lots of sleep (sleep let’s your brain remember all the information for tomorrow).

You need to eat healthy (so you have all the energy to use for the next day to do the SATs).

Try your best, and if you don’t, you might not get the best so your not doing what you’re good at.


Use punctuation such as comas, full stop and brackets so the reader knows when there’s information or if it’s a sentence or if there’s another part to it so you should use them in English.

Making sure you’re ready

Get ready for SATs by challenging yourself and maybe give up some of your free time to understand what it means. After school, you can try and understand what you didn’t at school.