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Roughly around the time 500BC and 400AD, the Roman empires ruled most of the world. During this time, the Roman Empire became very overcrowded ranged with many different people. From rich slavery’s who are ready to sell captured people for a fortune, to crime committers who murder people and steel food and clothes. As a result, Rome became a dark city with places where theft became rife. In Rome theft and murder became the two most common crimes.

People most commonly committed theft to survive. People stole food, clothes, and even shoes. If you where caught red handed in theft you should or pay three times as much as you stole or get pushed off a cliff.

Over a long period of time, Roman punishments became more violent. Some people are forced to wear wooden plaques around there necks or also uncomfortable wooden shoes to make escape very difficult. Most common punishments were whippings and fines.

For more serious crimes the punishments where more painful including being pushed off a cliff into a rapid river or even being berried alive. Another punishment was crucification (being nailed to a cross).


In the Anglo-Saxon times, they had no police force so the responsibility of catching criminals was on everyone’s back. If you where caught committing a crime you would be sent to the magistrate. Then if they couldn’t decide if you were guiltily or not you would be sent for a trial by ordeal. These include trial by fire and trial by water. Trial by water was when your hands and feet where tied and you were thrown into a river. If you flouted you were innocent however if you sank you were guilty. Trial by fire was when you had a red hot iron bar was burnt into your skin, then they would bandage your hand. After three days if there was a sign of healing you were innocent however if not you were guilty.


Similar to the romans theft was the most common crime. Only because people stole food to feed there family’s. As police was still not introduced. The most common punishment was wiping.  You would stand i public and they would wip you with a leather belt in the back. Only men could suffer the consequence of wiping. The tudors believed that if the punishments were rough then less people will commit crimes.


The two most common crimes where theft and pickpocketing. People would walk up to you in a crowded place and slowly take something out of your pocket. In the Victorian times the first police was introduced by Sir Robert peel. Additionally, the first prisons were introduced. They also had transportation. Transportation was when you were sent to Australia  to do their punishment there. They were transported in the bottom of the boat where they keep all the luggage. Additionally, there were many diseases, rats, and bugs. They were fed rotten and mouldy food. The transport normally took six to seven months. Some people died before they arrived.

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Mountains🏔 how are they formed.

How are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when tectonic plates, which are one of many layers of earth: crust, mantle, core, lithosphere.ect, are pushed up in folds or forced up and down in blocks. Over the course of millions of years, block, fold, dome or plateaus mountains are formed. Not all mountains are the same, as each mountain is made out of different rocks, have different heights.ect. There are many different types of mountains (fold, block, dome and volcanic mountains). Mountains are constantly eroded and deformed by the weather, that’s what makes them jagged.

Block mountains

Block mountains are one of the four mountain types. These mountains are caused when a slab of land brakes off and is pushed up, whilst the other plates are pushed down. Even though block mountains are called block mountains they don’t look like blocks, this is because sand, snow and rain nibble on the edges of the mountains and smooth it out.

Dome mountains

Dome mountains, which is another one of the four mountain types, is the only one made by lava and molten rock. Because these mountains have a dome like shape, they are usually steep and hard to climb. These mountains are formed when molten rock (lava) pushes the earths crust; however, does not brake through it.


A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.