Top tips and how to survive SATs


If you work really hard and don’t give up when doing work, you will feel like you have to do less and that means that you are learning. Also, when you make mistakes that means you are learning .

Top tips

Always do your homework, however you should still try even through you are not in school. Always try your best and it does not mater  if you pass. All that matters is that you try your best.

How to survive SATs

.have a good night sleep

.eat in the morning


.revise and do revision

.try your best and never give up

.when you get stressed think of it being good stress

.think positive

.Believe that you can do it

. You can do it everyone believes in you

Mountain ranges

Mountain ranges 
Mountains are formed when there are to tectonic plates and they push together and when they grow bigger. Over the years they grow bigger and bigger , they never get smaller, They also never stop growing .  There are lodes of different mountains but there is always tectonic plates, but they may not look different. Some mountains can be very cold  because of  the higher you go the colder it gets . Names of the material is fold , block , dome.

Block  mountain

rook falls and creates a rang of mountains put together . Block mountains are formed when there is a range  of mountain and they fall and land on each-other. Block mountains can also be in all different sizes and some can be very tall or small. When you go up a mountain the higher you go the colder it get the lower you go the warmer it gets

  For a example of a mountain is… look at the picture 


A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.