How to deal with sats difficulties

How to survive in Sats papers


Every year in May year 6 students do Sats  to test their knowledge and to see what they have learned in the past months. Some times year 6s struggle with Sats because either they are scared or confused or stressed ** so I’m going to help you on how to survive Sats papers and other Sats.


Manage your distractions. Managing your distraction_ will keep you focused while working. Home time: Giving up your time at home should give you some time to work on revision practice. Practicing your dividing and times table will help you in your Sats. If you do all of this it will pay off at the end and will help.

How to deal with the stress

Stress. Stress is the most common ___________The thing that year 6 students deal with in the Sats work. How to deal with this issue is taking a deep breath or  taking a minute off to relax your mind. Having a lazy body is because you didn’t have a good sleep, so what I would recommend is having exercise or a sleeping schedule like setting up a time when and what to do. I would also recommend shaking your body for a little bit of time then it makes your body less tired.


Get a good sleep because if you don’t you will have a lazy body and you will be sleepy and tired so I would recommend sleeping by 8 pm and you will have a full 11 hour sleep. Breakfast. Missing out on breakfast or refusing to have breakfast is a bad idea because breakfast is what keeps your energy up ___ so eat breakfast __ but a healthy one like bananas or apples to keep all your energy full and up and it will last to night time.

These are my survival tips thank you for listening and giving your time up for me to help.


You have listed some really good tips.  Check for missing punctuation and explanations. 

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