Crime and punishment in different years


Have you thought about  the past ? Well today we will be compering 5 different eras of time and comparing crime and punishment the 5 different eras will be the romans, Anglo Saxons, the tudors, the victorions and world war 2 I will be disscusing  these to see how harsh  these punishments are. I will also discuss what type of crimes you have to do to get these punishment s . Then I will be discussing the torture devices used for these types of punishments .

The crimes and punishments in the Roman times.

During the roman years through about 500 bc to about 400ad .During these years  the romans had one of the biggest empires in the world. Conquered  over 19 countries across the whole world . With such a big empire you need laws and punishments for breaking those laws , well the romans took that to seriously by stealing a apple would lead to death . Also selling bread that is light would lead to being your head chopped off . Fun fact the romans had a punishment for every single crime such as killing your dad would lead you into a venomous snake pit . Back in 500 bc there were no police men meaning that your own neighbour would chop your head off or bringing you to the judge to decide your faith, later on they  would give you a fine 4x as much as the stolen goods.

The crimes and punishments of the Anglo Saxons years.

After the romans the Anglo Saxons came in in around  410 ce with crime like  treason would  lead you to get crucified . They believed that the king was like a god so if you disobey the king you disobey the god  leading to also get crucified. They would cut your limbs off   If you stole a small thing like berries. Even if you were home less that would lead to a punishment like getting whipped on the back leaving deep scares in your back.

Crime and punishment of the Tudor times

The police still wasn’t available so just like the romans the Victorian times your neighbour would tell on you.During the Victorian times between 1837 and 1901.A man named sir Robert peel introduced the police force to London in 1829 ,countries saw this and started to use this  many people didn’t trust this idea but it did reduced crime in the area . This an new idea called a prison was invented and was used a the main form of punishments but instead of sitting in someone’s cell they would be forced to  do hard work like building a houses and making food .


Crime and punishments in world war 2

Between 1939 and  1945 the Second World War 2 happened with bombs dropping around the cities  making looting and crime more common making the police force really busy . This made people rich using the black market to sell food : that was over the permit.This war made  a curfew were the lights go out when this happened had a bunch of people stealing and made stealing quicker and faster because nobody saw them and : made looting quick and easy.

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