Mountains forming ⛰

How are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when earth’s crust pushes up because of the molten rock underground. However, not all mountains are made that way. Some are made by colliding tectonic plates, some by being broken off and pushed up and some even by magma bursting from the earths crust! Mountains become jagged because of the weather eroding the rocks. Erosion is when rocks break off because of the weather and water.

Block mountains

block mountains are formed when a slab of land breaks off and the two tectonic plates push together and push the block up. Block mountains are one of the most common mountains on earth. They aren’t blocks forever, though, because of erosion. Mount Everest, surprisingly, is a block mountain.

Dome mountain

Dome mountains are made by magma rising from the ground, but not busting out. An example of this is black hills in South Dakota.

A picture of Vinicunca in peru.

A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.

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