How are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when the Earth’s crust is pushed up (forced) in big folds.Over the course of millions of years, mountains are formed.There are a variety of  mountains that have different heights, width and gradients(how steep).There are many types of mountains which are : fold, block, dome and volcanic mountains.Because mountains are eroded by the weather, they are jagged.Erosion causes that the surface of the mountain wears it away.

Block Mountains 

Block mountains begin to form when a slab  of land breaks off  and then the ten tonic plates pull apart or stick together.In the Block mountains, the middle is forced up  and the sides are forced down.At the fault line a lot of earthquakes occur(happen).

Dome mountains are formed by the, molten rock tris to escape the Earth’s crust and it pushes it up.However the Earth’s crust doesn’t break. Then the land will look like a dome.

Fold mountains 

Fold mountains are the most common mountains in the world.The way that they are created is that the tectonic plates move into other plates and makes fold’s.The fold’s have a z shape when they fold in the other plates.

A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.

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