How are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when a layer of Earths crust is pushed (forced) up in big folds or blocks.Slowly over the course of millions of years, mountains are formed. Even-though,not all of the mountains are the same they are sometimes built  similarly or similar to others.There are some mountains which are fold block, dome and volcanic.constantly mountains are jagged because they are eroded by the weather.The rocky weather wears the surface away.





Paragraph2         Dome mountain

Block mountains, begin to form when a slab of land breaks off and is forced up to two of Earths tectonic plates pull apart or push together. The faults are lines where the ground breaks apart. Common Earthquakes are along faults.The (blocks on either side of the block)mountains  are forced down,as well as the mountain is forced up.As the two of Earths tectonic, plates move, a big slab of land breaks off. It is forced up, and becomes a block mountain.

Paragraph3  Dome mountain


Dome mountains occur when liquid rock inside 5he Earth forces the ground above it upward.This swelling doesn’t break through the surface.The force, or pressure,  produces a dome like shape. The molten rock does not erupt the crust through like a volcano.Molten rock from within the earth pushes up, making  a dome shape.

Paragraph4         Fold mountain 

Fold mountains are the most common type of mountain. The tectonic plates push together and they combined to each other and make  their self   strong another and heavey another to push each other together.
A fold mountain is the most common mountain in the world this mountain is very hard to climb up and its not that snowy.This fold mountain is very strange it starts up straight then becomes bigger and bigger as it grows and it will stay hard.


A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.

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