Mountain types

How mountains are formed?

Mountains are formed when, a layer of the earth’s crust is (forced up) in a faint fold or block.slowly over  the course of , thousands if not millions of years that the  mountains are formed. However , they are not all the Same exact mountains  ,there are 7 different types  of mountains but  i will only  use 4. Those 4 mountains are  fold mountains,block mountains, dome mountains, and volcanic.Did you know because of   Effect of serten weather the mountains can get eroded .sometimes it can even wear of the rocky surface over the course of time.


Block mountains begin when a slab of land breaks of and  and gets  forced  up  , as two of the plates pull apart .while the block gets pushed up the other two  get forced down . A block mountain is a big slab of  land  that is high up in the sky .




A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.




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