Mountains🏔 how are they formed.

How are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when tectonic plates, which are one of many layers of earth: crust, mantle, core, lithosphere.ect, are pushed up in folds or forced up and down in blocks. Over the course of millions of years, block, fold, dome or plateaus mountains are formed. Not all mountains are the same, as each mountain is made out of different rocks, have different heights.ect. There are many different types of mountains (fold, block, dome and volcanic mountains). Mountains are constantly eroded and deformed by the weather, that’s what makes them jagged.

Block mountains

Block mountains are one of the four mountain types. These mountains are caused when a slab of land brakes off and is pushed up, whilst the other plates are pushed down. Even though block mountains are called block mountains they don’t look like blocks, this is because sand, snow and rain nibble on the edges of the mountains and smooth it out.

Dome mountains

Dome mountains, which is another one of the four mountain types, is the only one made by lava and molten rock. Because these mountains have a dome like shape, they are usually steep and hard to climb. These mountains are formed when molten rock (lava) pushes the earths crust; however, does not brake through it.


A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.

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