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Have you ever wondered how crimes and punishment have changed through out the ages? In my writing there will be detail of crimes and punishment from the Roman era to modern Britain. Theft has been the most common crime committed throughout these times and further back in history.


In Tudor times parish Conslabtes where appainted to keep the peace and catch criminals did you know that if people believed if a punishment was painful enough it would stop others from doing the same. If you want to know the common punishment they are refusing to go to Church,stocks,treason,whipping and hot iron.

Victorian times

In the Victorian times these are the most common punishment are stocks,pillory and whipping not use as much but these are the new ones transporting.In the victorian times sir Robert peel set up us peetess in 1829 did you know that the prisoners were kept in holks.

Anglo-Saxon times

The Anglo-Saxon period in Britain around 410 was from around 410-1066 ce if you were at the age of 10 you are a adult and there were no police and there was hue and cry’ for help because there was no police back then

Some good information, Jack but you need to add details of the Romans and to organise your paragraphs in a chronological order.  Check and change your sentence punctuation and spelling errors. 

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