My weekend 😁😁😁

On Saturda, Olivia came to my house and we played Fortnite but it was the last day of season 1 it was sad to know that Saturday was the last day of season 1 we played for maybe 1 hour 30mins .

On Sunday, I went to the park with Olivia and then we went to a nearby basketball court and we played it. Then I went to Olivia’s house to play FNAF.

My weekend 👍

So on Saturday, I played with Michal and Oliver and we built a base.

So on Sunday I played with Olivia and we went to the base Michal and Oliver continued building the base but then they went away so me and Olivia built the base and the”FOUNDATION.”

March:I played battle cats on Saturday and I got very emotional because I haven’t played in a while so in like a year.

on Sunday I got lucky 🍀 and I got two true forms I was so proud of myself I love playing the game “battle cats” my weekend.