Sacrewell Trip

As the coach stopped and we reached Sacrewell, all the people got excited and loud. As we got out, and we were split into groups.

As we got into the lunch hall, we sat down and had a quick snack. When we got outside, we saw two colourful peacocks and a shepherd’s hut. The hut was used as shelter in world war 2. Then, we met the goats. It’s horns were made out of the same material as our nails and we petted them. After that, we went to see how a mill functioned. A mill is a wheel which turns the water into drinking water. Next, we went pond dipping. What we did was, put the net in the water and give 3 gentle taps. Then, we scoop up the insects and examine them. Me and Rayan caught a flatworm, a blood worm and a new type which was not on the sheet. It was really big.

Afterwards, we had our lunch and we went to the park. It had slides, trampolines and even a zip line. It was my favourite. We also went to the souvenir shop and I got a fidget cube. Then, we saw the pigs and sheep. As we reached  the end of the day, we got in the coach and got back to school.

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