The Drone Crash

For Christmas, I got a drone. It was portable and could be put in its remote. One day, my dad, my brother and I went to fly the drone. It didn’t end well.

I was flying it safely. Although, it was quiet low. However my brother’s flight was a whole new story.

Ok, just pause for a second. The last time we flew the drone, my brother started the drone while it was in my hand.

Now come to the present day. Because of the accident, my dad started my brother off. He started the drone and my brother controlled it.


We didn’t know much of this drone like my last one ( by the way, that drone’s propeller broke) and we only watched one tutorial and only knew a few controls, but it was OK.

But suddenly, the drone started to drift towards the road. The first few flights were fine. We caught it just in time, but as they say, third times the charm. That did not apply to us. The drone started to drift towards the road faster than it ever flew before. Then it got stuck up a tree!

We didn’t know this at first but it was. Then we called my mom to help. Only and only after that we noticed a flashing light in the tree. It was the drone!

We didn’t see it in the afternoon because it was to bright. At the evening, the sky became darker and the light stood out.

The aftermath of that is that we spend 3 days in the house even though we knew where it

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