About The World

Welcome to our word. In this blog, you will learn about our planet and it’s wonders.

The Animals

There are many species among the world. Some have gills, some have canines. Some animals even have colour-changing fur.


Some fish hunt like sharks. Many people think sharks have no predators. But the do. Humans are their biggest predators. Many humans hunt for shark fins to put in soup. They say shark fins give flavour to the soup but shark fins are tasteless.

Some fish don’t hunt, they hide from predators. A good example is a goldfish. They are too little to hunt.


Pet cat are domesticated unlike their wildcat cousins. They still have the same features though. They have night vision, sensitive whiskers, sharp claws for hunting. The only difference is that they are smaller.

Some cats are wildcats they are good hunters and eat the prey they hunt. Cubs learn from their mothers how to hunt.


Plants are wonderful. Some are safe. Some are dangerous like nightshade berries.

Unfortunately, I can’t fit everything. You can discover more on the internet.

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