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10oliwias wrote: Shapes!👍🏻
Shapes can have different names. Like a rectangle is sometimes called a square because it is bigger and it has the same amount of  vertices and faces and also edges! So technically they are both the same and both are parallelograms!   (More)
10alannahh wrote: Shapes
There are two different types of shapes like 2D and 3D. 2D shapes are ones that you can't hold and they are flat. 3D shapes you can hold and pick up. A parallel shape is a shape where the 2 line don't meet. A quadrilateral is a shape with four sid (More)
10ayushmag wrote: Shapes
What is Parallelogram? Parallel lines is something in most shapes.Parallelogram is where 2 sets of lines never meet together. E.g. of some Parallelogram shapes, square,rectangle,diamondand many more.... So today I hope you learned a little more abo (More)