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If you struggle with maths , place value, then I am here to help you and explain a certain SATS style question. Sometimes teachers can help but most of the time ,what they say goes in one ear and straight out of the other. So if you are reading this (More)
what you will need   paper, pencil      Method  1. Look at your units. 2. If it is 5 or above it will go to the nearest number. 3. But if it is 4 or below it stays the same. 5. And you have your number. (More)
Today in maths I found a pattern of converting all many ninths equals to the same numerator.If you had 2/9 in decimals it will be 0.22 that is the pattern what i have found it works on any one but when you get to wholes it is a bit different you see (More)
10daisyw wrote: All about BIDMAS
BIDMAS is a method what every one can use and today I am going to talk through the steps B is for brackets you always need to do the part in brackets first if you don't have any brackets move on to the next step I is for indices and indices mea (More)