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It was half term last week and even though I wasn't at school, I still used my Maths skills! I went to the shop to get my dad and me some drinks because we were tidying at the weekend with my dad. It cost 75p each and I got crisps and they cost £1.0 (More)
11ellieb wrote: Maths in real life
One way of using maths in real life could be shopping by counting your money to give to the shopkeeper.£1...£2...£3... Or if you going on a trip but you need to know how far your end location is so you have to count all of those kilometres or m (More)
At home in the holidays or weekend/after school we've got things called homework books and sometimes me and Lilly do maths in our homework books and sometimes we practice on Mathletics/mangahigh.com/my maths.co.uk/maths watch/big brains maths. Thi (More)
You can use maths in measuring and weighing. You can measure in m,mm,cm,km. You can also measure cars in horse power. The weights are g,kg,litres,kilo litres,millilitres, centilitres and pints. Over the holiday I used maths on my birthday while (More)
When I went on holiday, I went to the Olympic Park. Me,  my mum, dad and cousin, Rose, wanted to go boat riding so we decided to go. My parents said "For a child its £4 and we have two children so how much would that be for the both of you?" Re (More)
10alexo wrote: Mrs Rigby's Epic Fail
In  maths➕➖✖️➗ in year 6,we have had a paper🗒 to mark that has been done wrong by Mrs Rigby(who is our teacher👩‍🏫).We have had a chance to mark her work and this is one of the questions that she has done extremely (More)
On question 2 it says:"Circle the number closest to 500" The numbers are 525 491 511 408 550. Miss Rigby wrote 511 but the closest one is 491, 511 is 11 off but 491 is only 9 off so 491 is the least away from 500. On question 3 the question say (More)
Say  your question was: Liam hires a bike. He has to return it by 3 pm. The time is 2:25 pm  How many minutes has he got left?   Explanation on how to do it See how many minutes to the nearest 10. Then see how long it is till 3. (More)
Here is a super hard question answered! Question Can you find a 6-digit number that is the same number rounded to the nearest 100,000 and 10,000? Answer This answer is so annoying :( ! It is obvious! Are you ready? It is......... (More)
Mrs Rigby wrote: How to do SATs questions
This is a guide on how to do a multiple step question from the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.) Question 1 Plain Candles 35p each Star Candles 60p each Stripe Candles 85p each Sapna buys 4 Star Candles and 2 Stripe Candles. How ma (More)