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14milliem wrote: Maths Rounding
In maths we have  been doing lots of work on rounding  numbers to the nearest 10. You have to get a number and round  down if (the ones column) is a 1234 and if there is a 56789 you round up. (More)
14keeleyc wrote: Maths Rounding
In maths we have been doing a lot of work on rounding numbers. This is how you round to the nearest 10. If I had the number 319 we would round it to 320 because 319 is closest to 320 and not 310. (More)
Today I write a list of my best And worst subjects! 1.Maths 2.sicence 3.music 4.Pe 5.history 6.theme and finally 7.English I like maths the most as it super fun and I like rounding and multiplying. English is my least favourit (More)
This week my favourite lesson was  doing my calculation for maths because it was a big challenge for me and I felt proud of my self  for achieving the challenge.  I remember when I first wasn’t sure about doing maths .I was a very shy person whe (More)
My favourite lessson this week was doing the maths because it was kind of fun and my other favourite was the English because I had to do the PEE paragraph and I like doing the PEE paragraph. The thing I loved the most was PE because there was gymnast (More)
13kayleighp wrote: What are schools for?
Schools are for children to learn and at Huntingdon Primary School you get iPads to learn on but some schools don't have any iPads so we are lucky. Schools are for children to learn Maths, English and Science and probably a few more. (More)
11freddies wrote: Math in real life
In the Holidays I went to the shops for my mum. My mum told me that she wanted a fizzy drink and for me to get a drink and some sweets. My mum's drink cost £1 and my drink cost 60p so I had to work out how much I could spend. I had a ten pound (More)