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13kayleighp wrote: What are schools for?
Schools are for children to learn and at Huntingdon Primary School you get iPads to learn on but some schools don't have any iPads so we are lucky. Schools are for children to learn Maths, English and Science and probably a few more. (More)
Hello everyone, We have had a super week in Year 2. We have enjoyed writing about Baby Bear's adventures in the book 'Whatever Next,' have practised solving number sentences in lots of super snappy ways like noticing number bonds and doubles, and (More)
11freddies wrote: Math in real life
In the Holidays I went to the shops for my mum. My mum told me that she wanted a fizzy drink and for me to get a drink and some sweets. My mum's drink cost £1 and my drink cost 60p so I had to work out how much I could spend. I had a ten pound (More)
The Great Wall of China was built over 2000 years ago,and it was built by Qin Shi Huangdi,the first emperor of China during the Qin Dynasty. Alsothe Great Wall of China is 8 metres high on the highest point of the Wall. It is the longest buildi (More)
I use maths in real life when my mum makes me and my two brothers pizza, so I say to my mum yo have to cut it into thirds. Another time when I use maths in real life is when I am in the shop and I have to subtract the amount I am spending so I can (More)
It was half term last week and even though I wasn't at school, I still used my Maths skills! I went to the shop to get my dad and me some drinks because we were tidying at the weekend with my dad. It cost 75p each and I got crisps and they cost £1.0 (More)
11ellieb wrote: Maths in real life
One way of using maths in real life could be shopping by counting your money to give to the shopkeeper.£1...£2...£3... Or if you going on a trip but you need to know how far your end location is so you have to count all of those kilometres or m (More)
At home in the holidays or weekend/after school we've got things called homework books and sometimes me and Lilly do maths in our homework books and sometimes we practice on Mathletics/mangahigh.com/my maths.co.uk/maths watch/big brains maths. Thi (More)
You can use maths in measuring and weighing. You can measure in m,mm,cm,km. You can also measure cars in horse power. The weights are g,kg,litres,kilo litres,millilitres, centilitres and pints. Over the holiday I used maths on my birthday while (More)
When I went on holiday, I went to the Olympic Park. Me,  my mum, dad and cousin, Rose, wanted to go boat riding so we decided to go. My parents said "For a child its £4 and we have two children so how much would that be for the both of you?" Re (More)