11yasminj wrote: The Iron Man Expert
Dear Hogarth, You are the Iron Man expert and I need your help! My name is Lucy and I am writing to you because I have seen the Iron Woman! She is as big as a skyscraper and a has a body of rusty chrome metal. Her eyes were gleaming brightly like (More)
10patrycjas wrote: Letter from Mr Tom
Dear Mr H Trumble, I am writing regarding to complain about the sudden evacuation conundrum that I now have to take part in. This would normally not be such a dramatic issue, but due to this child's health situations, I am not able to take part in (More)
Dear mum and dad, I am writing to you to tell you how I am doing. Well when I got on the train and it left the station .I got really tearful as I watched you both wave goodbye but I got over it. I sat next to this realy kind and sweet girl. We (More)
10oliverc wrote: Letter to persuade Hitler
Dear Herr Hitler, I am writing to you with the permission of the French government to tell you that we will not tolerate your policy of invading Poland. If you want to keep the Sudetenland, if you want to keep Czechoslovakia, then you must immedia (More)