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13harrys wrote: The Boss Baby
Last week Year 4 and year 3 went to watch The Boss Baby it was good!! You should watch it if you have not I think you’ll enjoy the film for me it was a bit scary in some parts for me. The Boss Baby movie!! (More)
At Games Club we have pets called Cecil and Percy. They are cute and they love to site around the rooms and yesterday I looked after them at school in the afternoon with Mrs Murray and Percy climbed on Mrs Murray’s head. They fell asleep behind the (More)
Here are the guidelines to stay safe on Hps blogs,only use your first name when commenting or posting to a blog.Do not post personal details on a blog.Always show respect to other people’s work - be positive if you are going to comment.   (More)
13SarahZ wrote: Stem week By Sarah
Last week it was STEM week, we measured distances and even made irrigation systems.  Some people made cotton candy and some people got to taste  it but I didn't , there were loads of flavours even cola. I learned that Stem stands for Science, Tec (More)
In Year 4 we have groups named after famous inventors and scientists . They are Louis Paster , Benjamin Franklin , Tim Berners Lee , Leonardo De Vinci , Nikola Tesla and Stephanie Kwolek . The teachers put two groups in one lesson ,when we are in (More)
13DanielG wrote: My school Year so far!
I have had a great start to the year! I have loved going outside making irrigation systems or cooking inside! I have won a star of the week already. I am really proud of this as I don’t get it until late in the year most of the time, in year 1 I di (More)