The clones and the originals are playing their final match to score a first goal mabey clones will win mabey originals will win so come and see it now in the large football stadium in Russia. The clones and originals are coming back in Russia to p (More)
13KarolJ wrote: My football tournament
We  walked our partner round the obstacle course while they were wearing a blindfold. Then they walked us round. Some of us got very muddy! (More)
13DanielG wrote: Football
On Saturday 9th December, my football team have a big match against St Ives. Last time we lost 4 - 3 away from home. This week we play at home. My prediction for the game is 5 - 3 to Godmanchester my football team. Hope we win! (More)
To get all your golden time you have to be good. Golden time is when you get to have lots of fun. In golden time you can draw,you can play on the iPads and you can play football. (More)