10robbiej wrote: my name is Robbie
My name is Robbie and I am a ordinary kid, Ive been through hard times, but it's over now, I'm okay. In my spare time I play rugby. All though I struggle at times, I carry on. I live with my Mum, Step Dad, My Sisters , My 2 cats; Romeo and Mercutio. (More)
10harryd wrote: DANGLE (Short film)
If I discovered the rope, what would I do? If i discovered the rope, I would probably take a picture and leave to tell a friend so I wouldn't be alone if something happen. I would also probable contact the police for just in-case. Can you think o (More)
If I were a prime minister I would give more money to education and take some from the welfare because everyone should have an education and education basically tells you and makes you decide what you will do as your job and how you will lead your li (More)
For a little while, on Microsoft Office 2013, I have been using the blog post feature and I have found it quite useful but it was a little hard to set up. I find this better as I can do more than what I could do on the original admin website, you can (More)
Last Thursday, there was a very bad storm named:Storm Doris."It was a catasrophic event !!!" Exclaimed a nearby witness. This hurricane was  quite a big storm that cane from the north up towards England.We asked some wiynesses about what this terrib (More)
10patrycjas wrote: Maths-workings out
You are probably wondering why I am doing a maths post.I will tell you why.Are you ever struggling with place value?Do you ever think that teachers are useless and nobody can help you?Well you are lucky to be reading this!Because in this blog post I (More)
Braking news in the Oscar awards the best picture award was given to the wrong film The best picture award was given to Lal Lal land but that was wrong because the announcers read the wrong thing the real winner was moon light. The actor present (More)
Creeping slowly back into the dimly-lit bedchamber, Macbeth returns holding the bloody steel-metal daggers in his trembling hands,which were covered in all the gore from King Duncan's body. "What are you doing!?" shouted Lady Macbeth, while feroci (More)
10patrycjas wrote: Letter from Mr Tom
Dear Mr H Trumble, I am writing regarding to complain about the sudden evacuation conundrum that I now have to take part in. This would normally not be such a dramatic issue, but due to this child's health situations, I am not able to take part in (More)
10jamest wrote: How to: basic HTML
So you want to code? well you're in the right place!!! Well you need to get a script editor up like code visual studio (the setting up is based on this).It is free!!! Get the software up (download if you have not) then click "plain text" the (More)