What I am going to do when it is Christmas is I am going with my family to France and see my auntie and uncle.Also my cousin is going with me to France as well.I am going to have a lot of fun and maybe have a party.But right now I am so excited to go (More)
13ElsieL wrote:
Meerbat went home with Mrs Sewell in the Christmas holidays and this is what happened. they went ice skating and opened Christmas presents and Meerbat was eating the Christmas chocolate from Mrs Sewell.Meerbat was on the light and that is very (More)
In the Christmas holidays Miss Sewell (our teacher) took Meerbat home . Here is a picture of them enjoying the holidays and Meerbat was hanging onto the light! It looks like he is pretending to be Superman! (More)
In the Christmas holidays Meerbat spent the time with Miss Sewell our teacher!Here is a a picture showing what they did. (More)
13kayleighp wrote: Today in assembly
Today in assembly we watched Genr8. It was about Christmas and they do it at Christmas, Easter, and other important events. Today they were doing it about Christmas. We found out that Christmas it not about presents it’s about spending time togethe (More)
One dark night a boy called Joe was sent to bed, he anxiously lay in his bed ( he was scared of the dark ). He had always believed that there was something lurking under his bed but he dare not look.  After a while he started to here strange noises (More)
Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jeff that never tidied his disgraceful, disgusting room; his parents always told him off but he didn't care about it. But one shocking day, his father (who was a mad scientist) brought in a chemical liquid int (More)
11kaitlynm wrote: #Moz the Monster!
Moz the Monster was fury and  grey - which was very friendly and had a gigantic  nose on his huge face. This huge nice monster lives under beds. Moz was taller then a three children on top of each other.He was the most friendliest and softest monst (More)
11dylanc wrote: Moz the monster
Moz the monster was really furry and he`s  got  a  fat  nose  and  he`s  fat. Moz the  monster is a friendly monster who lives under people`s bed since he is a bed monster who can only appear at night.The monster is playful and keeps Joe u (More)
Jessica wrote: Moz the monster.
One night  Jo looked under his bed then there was a monster under his bed . The monsters name was Moz he kept Jo up at night because he was snoring very loudly . Jo tried a lot  of thing s to ignore him but nothing worked.  Then Moz became friend (More)