Your words they burn inside,  But they will never scar. You may keep pulling me back, But I will still go far. Your glares they explode like bombs, Your smiles they draw me inside. You make my emotions flutter, Like one huge rol (More)
Activity 1 Our first activity, was the 'don't tip the iceberg' challenge. We had 10 groups of 6 and we had to place all of the penguins onto a separate section without the iceberg tipping and the penguins falling! The tricks were to take it in tur (More)
11edeng wrote: My 100 word challenge!
The delicate, transparent light bulb, was attached to the ceiling too loosely, causing the bulb to come crashing down and spilling all of the shiny, shimmering beads! So how did the tiny figure get here? Well... the Wizard of this town was practicing (More)
One foggy day, a sighting of huge feet engraved into the grass of a Somerset castle what rumored to be true! So this is what really happened...  The Harry Potter BFG (Hagrid) decided he wanted a break from the Hogwarts grounds! So he and his wife t (More)