10oliwias wrote: My big write.
The bridge creaks as people walk across, threatening to make people fall in; the bridge is eerie and gloomy.The creepy  castle; stood like an  elderly ,ancient,dilapidated tree standing alone in the middle of no were.The elderly crimson sky was cov (More)
10oliwias wrote: Shapes!👍🏻
Shapes can have different names. Like a rectangle is sometimes called a square because it is bigger and it has the same amount of  vertices and faces and also edges! So technically they are both the same and both are parallelograms!   (More)
10oliwias wrote: Secret Santa!
Secret Santa? Secret Santa is when you get random people's names in your group and you keep it as a secret from everybody and in December you go Christmas shopping and we have lots of fun getting lots of pretty presents!You could also ask (More)
10oliwias wrote: Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve is a time of year when you celebrate day before Jesus was born! Remember remember Christmas in December! The true meaning of Christmas is to celibrate the birth of Jesus!!!!!!😇👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (More)
10oliwias wrote: 100 word challenge.
As the smoke clears my whole life pases me as I fall off the cliff, I  think to myself while I fall"goodbye world", I'm in heaven now and I look down at my children that are 20 Years old, As the years pass by I'm 70 and my kids are 30, (More)
10oliwias wrote: 100 Word Challenge!
We are  in a dark place...with my freind's...but where are they going?, O MY GOSH I  CAN SEE A EERIE MAN, But why is he staring at me?, It's giving me a spin-chilling feeling, Is he related to us?, Does he know  me and my freinds?, (More)
10oliwias wrote: Colossal Trees
Colossal trees are crawling down, Bright fairy’s are flying high up in the beautiful sky, Shimmering, shining and smiling, The leaves are Emerald’s under my feet, CRUNCH! CRUNCH! I can hear birds tweeting as loud as possible, Sl (More)