10mikolajb wrote: BTD Battles
Bloons Tower Defence Battles should not be mistaken as the version on coolmathgames because this version is a mobile app. In this version you play against another player and you choose 3 monkey towers with one bonus tower to take with yo to use in th (More)
10mikolajb wrote: Pokémon TCG GX Cards!
Pokémon GX cards are soon being released and with them tons of new battle strategies. GX cards are on of many types of cards like: EX, LVLX, BREAK, MEGA, FULL ART, RC, HOLO, REVERSE HOLO, SECRET RARE, GOLD, SILVER and SHINY. These GX cards (like oth (More)
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Pokemon ORAS (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire) are games available for the 3DS. The game launched worldwide in 2014. ORAS are remakes for the Pokemon gen 3 games Pokemon ruby and sapphire. Funny Fact: These games (More)
10mikolajb wrote: 100 Word Challenge!
As the smoke cleared, my eyes got used to the hazy darkness of the decayed and burnt mansion. I decided to explore the 'haunted' mansion and I found a large kitchen like room wich, to my suprise, had a fire still burning! I slowly approached it becau (More)
10mikolajb wrote: Is Bullying fair? (Reply)
Bullying is fair depending on who you bully because if you bully a bully it's fair because they'll know how it is to get bullued and they won't try to bully anyone else if they know how it feels. - Mikolaj It is not fair because if you have had en (More)
10mikolajb wrote: 100 Word Challenge
I really like collecting Pokémon cards because it's really fun when you're opening the packs because you never know what you will get like me, when I got my second tin, in the first pack I opened, I got a roaring skies Latios EX, which was AWESOME b (More)
10mikolajb wrote: Pokemón!
Hello, this blog will tell you all about the legendary and mythical Pokemón and some more. :)                          Firstly, I will tell you about the main legendaries and mythicals. The three dog pokemón: Entei (fire), Rai (More)
10mikolajb wrote: How to round decimal places
                                    How to round                                                     Decimal                                                            Places (More)