This blog post will tell you about all the different types of cats in the world . British Short hair Siamese Cat Persian Cat Maine Coon Rag Doll American Short hair Abyssinian Cat Bernese Cat Bengal Cat Sphinx Cat E (More)
10meerus wrote: My music exam
As some people may already know that I have a coming exam on the 30th of march 2017. I play the violin and I am doing grade 2 . I have already done  grade 1 and i passed and this time i hope to get a distinction or a merit in my grade. On the day (More)
Today  I am going to show you how to use and what an apostrophe for possession is .  An apostrophe for possession is when you give a type of owner ship to something . For example : The dogs bone . Now if we are talking about lots of dogs havin (More)
10meerus wrote: PUSHEEN!!
Hello this is Meeru and Pati. In this blog post you will find amazing pusheen accessories in interesting shops that you can shop at. Claire's: This shop has a lot (I mean a LOT) of pusheen things for example phone cases,big,small,and medium pushee (More)
The main highlight for me was kind of a good thing and a bad thing . On the first Monday holiday in the afternoon I had to go to the opticians  to get my eyes check . The design on the  glasses were really cool ; one of them had type of neutral b (More)
This blog post will tell you all the facts of quadrilaterals . This  is an really important fact that you need to know . Rectangles are shapes that a have lines that will never meet . For example a square has 2 sets of parallel line . The opposi (More)
10meerus wrote: Christmas
Christmas is just round the corner and every one is getting ready ! This afternoon on the 25th November we are having a Christmas pantomime and we are watching Dick Whittington. Then on the 1st December we are having the Christmas trees being hung up (More)
10meerus wrote: Is bulling fair ?/Reply
Bulling is not fair as you could hurt somebody really badly . Today , we were looking at a magazine  and it was about bulling being good your health . But it would be really unfair if somebody just read that magazine after a school day and they were (More)
10meerus wrote: 100 word challenge !
Every . Single . Day . This is just ridiculous . I am  swarmed with smoke around me , nothing in sight . As I  walk in this precarious  mist , I cough and splutter  . Suddenly , as the smoke cleared , I could see a  bright , gleaming light in (More)
You need to be safe online because many bad , horrible things could happen . For example , your fellow class mates could be a enemy of you and they could print it and stick it up on the walls of your class .   (More)