How to do amazing in maths competition!!! One .You need to be able to be a team player. Two .Practices help you a lot but don't make you perfect no one is perfect. Three .Should be good in maths. Four .Try really hard to come first. Hope this (More)
If you really want to know the top 10 best desktop read this.Top 3 will have infomation. 10.Dell OptiPlex 7440. 9.Lenovo Yoga 8.Hp Pavilion 7.Digital Storm Aura 6.Hp Envy 5.Oringin Omni 4.Microsoft Surface Studio 3.Imac You (More)
Krishna wrote: is an amazing game. You have to kill other narwhale players.When you are first a crown goes on your head.This game you choose the county you are from then country and choose what type of game. Here is a link of for playing the game.Nar (More)
Krishna wrote: MACBETH(STORY)!
Scotland had a king called King Duncan and he had a mighty warrior called Macbeth.One day Macbeth and his friend saw these 3 scary witches and they said that Macbeth would be king and that his friend would not be king but his sons would. So then he w (More)
Krishna wrote: Football
Premier league Currently on the 23/11/2016 Chelsea with 28 points in second is Liverpool with 27 points in third is Manchester City with 27 points but losing in goal goal angist and goals for.Manchester only lost one game and liverpool.This season b (More)
Krishna wrote: The moon!!!
Super moon The super moon is actually every months ,but some times it is partially closer and brighter.The Super moon is huge because Piegree e-clip. The Lanuar moon.   It is when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra (s (More)
Krishna wrote: WorldWar2!Facts.
Today in Geography we were looking at how to draw a map and use symbols to show the different features of the area we were looking at. We worked in small groups to create a map of Thetford Forest using the key we made earlier in the week. We all n (More)
This is how to divide fraction. Lets do this one. 2/4 divide 6/8. It is quiet simple. Step 1:You need to switch the second fraction which is 6/8 to 8/6. Step 2: This is super easy you need to just times it.The numerator time numerator and denomi (More)