10daisyw wrote: The school values
In  H.P.S  we have five values and I'm going to tell you more . Our values are : Respect Teamwork Resilience Courage Pride Respect : Respect is all about sharing and caring , respect for ourselves , others and our environment . We can all sho (More)
Yesterday we went to the Brit Awards and we went to talk to little mix about how they felt when thy won their first award at the Brits. This is what they said, " We were so happy when we got the award; we have worked so hard to get this through tje p (More)
Today in maths I found a pattern of converting all many ninths equals to the same numerator.If you had 2/9 in decimals it will be 0.22 that is the pattern what i have found it works on any one but when you get to wholes it is a bit different you see (More)
10daisyw wrote: All about BIDMAS
BIDMAS is a method what every one can use and today I am going to talk through the steps B is for brackets you always need to do the part in brackets first if you don't have any brackets move on to the next step I is for indices and indices mea (More)
10daisyw wrote: Story Of Macbeth
There are three witches what are in the forest waiting for Macbeth's arrival , finally after a hard day battling Macbeth and Banquo  past the forest and three  witches say " You will be thane of Cawdor and you will be the king of Scotland and for (More)
10daisyw wrote: Christmas Maths
If I had 4 lots of holly wreaths with eight leaves on , how many holly leaves will there be on twelve wreathes? If there was  80 people coming to my christmas party , 1/4 of them were adults who does drink , another 1/4 was adults who doesn't (More)
After the victory againest Tottenham Hotspurs , Chelsea crept up to take the lead of all the other teams . Winning the match and becoming first ,  Chelsea fans were over the moon when they found out about coming up to first place . On the next day w (More)
10daisyw wrote: 100 Word Challenge !!!
On  a sunny day, in the summer,there was a  giant party on Maple Avenue, number 35 . At the party  there was a barbecue , which hasn't been started yet , also lots of people . Unfortunately, I  wasn't invited  to the party , then again every ten (More)
10daisyw wrote: Halloween disco !!!
I am very excited to be going to the Halloween  disco , I'm not very sure what I'm going to be wearing but if  I got to choose I would be a deadly school girl or maybe a witch who has spiders creeping all over  my face .  I really want to know (More)
10daisyw wrote: Big question
Dear Herr Hitler , I am writing to you with permission of the French government to tell you that we will not tolerate your policy of invading Poland . If you want to keep Sudetenland , if you want to keep Czechoslovakia  , then you must immediate (More)